Video appointments your way

Connect with customers using video from any device with SQOD, a fully customisable platform allowing you to schedule appointments easily

As a private organisation wanting to improve customer engagement, using an off the shelf video application can be challenging, especially if the product you have chosen isn’t on-brand. That’s where SQOD sets itself apart from the others. Fully customisable so it feels like an extension of your own website, SQOD will provide you with a video-based customer contact centre, supporting you to drive up engagement rates whilst ensuring the highest levels of security and compliance.  

Use SQOD for scheduled calls, customer service centres and waiting areas; SQOD puts you in full control of your video appointments.


Fully customisable

Change the brand, colours, options & functionality to deliver the best possible experience to users

Ease of use

Users receive a link to join their appointment and can instantly join with ease

Secure and reliable

SQOD boasts the highest levels of security and GDPR compliance

Private sector

Hold appointments with customers

Use SQOD as it is or design it in your own branding, our platform is fully bespoke and flexible to your needs. SQOD seamlessly fits in with your workflow to allow you to implement video appointments with ease.


Fully customisable to your existing brand guidelines


Scalable to suit your needs


Secure and compliant


Simple to onboard

Full customisation

SQOD has been developed with customisation at its heart, allowing for a range of benefits to be realised from organisations and users alike.

We allow organisations the ability to tailor SQOD to their specific needs, workflows, and processes. This means they can adapt the software to fit with their unique requirements rather than having to manage with a one-size-fits-all solution. Users can personalise their experience based on their preferences, leading to better customer engagement and higher experience satisfaction.

Fully secure & accredited

Safety and security are at the heart of everything we do. With SQOD, you can trust that your appointments are conducted with the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality. Our robust security measures ensure that your data remains protected at all times, giving you peace of mind as you engage with your customers.

SQOD features

Scheduled calls

Schedule calls with service users and view your schedule.

Admin users can manage the schedules of other members of staff.

Staff can email or text patients reminders about their appointment through SQOD to reduce Did Not Attend rates

Intelligent reporting & analytics

Our BI tools can provide valuable insights into user behaviour, usage and adoption patterns, and other key performance metrics when illustrated and interpreted correctly. By analysing this data, businesses can then make informed decisions regarding important metrics such as patient experience, customer demand and flow and DNA rates.

See an over view of your organisation’s activity as part of our built in analytics dashboard, that include key metrics such as: number of scheduled calls, waiting room activity, average wait time and number of active service providers

Waiting areas

SQOD’s waiting areas are designed to mimic in-person appointments.

Set up as many waiting areas as you’d like to represent the departments within your organisation.

Use waiting areas to hold drop-in clinics as well as acting as a waiting room for scheduled calls.

Customise your waiting areas with media content such as videos or music.